The Crew


Andrew P Weston (xe/xem/xyr, they/them/theirs) is an offbeat, radical organizer based in the Twin Cities. Originally from Minneapolis, xe currently lives in Richfield and goes to school in Saint Paul, all three of which lie on the traditional territory of the Waȟpékhute and Anishinaabeg peoples. Xe is planning on receiving xyr Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice with minors in Spanish and Legal Studies in May 2021. When Andrew’s not in class or in meetings, xe tries to keep xyr unread emails relatively low, hangs out with xyr friends (on Google Meets), and catches up on sleep. Xe has been doing direct service work within trans community since 2015 and is excited to continue this work for years to come. Co-founder of TIGERRS!
Ben Powers (he/him/his, they/them/theirs) is a nonbinary mental health counselor specializing in providing [everything]-affirming care to the Twin Cities queer community. He started his volunteer work with the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition’s Shot Clinic ten years ago, and has spent the past four years running trans youth programs including Gender Jam and GR8. Ben has spent the last three years working with Family Tree Clinic to provide sliding scale therapy and hormone/surgery care coordination using an informed consent model. In his work, Ben aims to empower clients towards bodily autonomy through personal exploration, education, and compassion. A lifetime nerd, Ben loves video games, board games, tabletop RPGs, technology, futurism, cosplay and reptiles of all varieties. He lives a simple, introverted, suburban life with his fantabulous spouse (Vanessa), his Ball Python (Anaxagoras of Clezomenae), and two French Bulldogs/Chucklenuts (Korben and JB). Co-founder of TIGERRS!
Billy Navarro Jr. (he/him/his) is a local mixed Puerto Rican, trans community organizer/teacher/youth worker/manny. He is the co-founder of the direct services of the Minnesota Transgender Health Coalitions (MTHC) as well as the organization Trans, Intersex, Gender-Expansive Revolutionary Resources & Services (TIGERRS). He has been working for the community in multiple capacities for over twenty years. Billy currently works with trans youth of all ages, teaches the odd Art class, does trainings & workshops around the intersectionalities of gender, racism, transphobia, homophobia, class and culture, & he also runs his own small business. Co-founder of TIGERRS!
Lisa Gale (they/them/theirs) has been tilting at windmills ever since they were old enough to tie their own shoes. They’re a nonbinary, androgynous, disabled person of certain years. Their near-infinite curiosity and passion for learning has engendered (ha!) their reputation as something of a polymath, with more careers than they can count. They’re dedicated to amplifying the most marginalized voices in their community while pushing for impactful, real change. They’re multilingual, an avid reader and sci-fi fan, a former downhill skier and martial artist, a parent of two LGTBQ kids and a mentor to many more, a musician and the living antithesis of Minnesota Nice.
HaShem modeled Ly Baumgardt’s (it/it/its) spine after the Minnesotan highway system: circuitous, messy, poorly maintained and environmentally unfriendly. Then she did the same with Ly’s gender. It’s a Jewish trans communist activist focused on public schools, restorative justice and making sure “intersex” isn’t just thrown in there. It has a unique dramatic sigh for every occasion. Ly’s here to build this organization right, help out with some direct services, listen to sad music, get this challah and evangelize 4th Curtis. Co-founder of TIGERRS!
Meghan White (they/them/theirs) is a dedicated, lifelong late bloomer who decided in middle age to get “Goals” and an “Education.” They are now a registered nurse with the long-term career goal of improving healthcare for trans people, particularly members of the BIPOC community. They strongly believe that the first step in that improvement is increasing representation by getting more BIPOC trans folks into provider roles. They also believe in the importance of trans/intersex/gender-expansive youth work as crucial to both authenticity and harm reduction. They’ve been organizing with Billy for years and finally got enough spare time to start working with TIGERRS! Meghan lives in Minneapolis with their wife, who is a therapist specializing in trans youth; their dog, Inky, who specializes in snax and emotional support; and their two cats, who specialize in terrorizing each other and jump-scaring the dog.
Ty Gale (they/them/theirs) is a mixed-race gay trans musician, writer, communist, activist, hobbyist canine photographer and person with a perpetually cut tongue who has a lot of very strong opinions they won’t hesitate to tell you about regardless of the pain. They like good structure, accountability, Videos GAme and sans serif fonts. Ty mostly does copywriting, administrative work and organizational development, but if someone needs help with something they’re probably working on that too. They also barely survived a legendary struggle with WordPress and GiveMN to get our online presence set up. They may never be the same again after those battles. Co-founder of TIGERRS!


Ash Farah (he/him/his) learned at a young age that it’s not always a great thing to be rare. He identifies as a Somali transgender man and was kicked out of his home at age 13 after his mother sent him to conversion therapy. But he’s come a long way from homeless teen- he’s studying premed on a full-ride leadership scholarship, and aims to become one of the few openly transgender surgeons in the country. He worked with TIGERRS to help build the same kind of trans youth services that helped him. He credits the support of the LGBTQ community for being “the difference between being the kid that stepped in front of a truck versus being the kid that continues to speak up. I hope to be some other kid’s support too.” Co-founder of TIGERRS! Currently on sabbatical.
Cole Nicholls (he/they) is a communist organizer based in South Minneapolis, and a student at Saint Paul College pursuing an Associate of Arts – Emphasis in History. When they’re not busy calling the shots at MTHC’s Shot Clinic or organizing protests with Students for a Democratic Society at UMN, you’ll find them practicing them guitar, reading about Ancient Roman history, or getting boba with theit beloved life partner. Their personality has been described as “bubbly,” so do with that what you will. Co-founder of TIGERRS! Currently organizing with the Aliveness Project.
Emma Goldman Grey (she/her/hers) is a queer, trans-femme radical musician, activist and organizer who resides in Minneapolis with her lovely dog Lucy. Emma does administrative work for a variety of Twin Cities non-profits, and is a current member of the City of Minneapolis’ Transgender Equity Council. Emma is a lover of science, radical politics, witchcraft, plants, travel and all things weird and unusual. She keeps busy making music, advocating for queer and trans folks and working to end homelessness in Hennepin County. She’s a former tropical rainforest researcher and public school teacher who has lived on 3 whole continents, and she loves to share her long and winding life story with anyone who is interested! Currently on sabbatical.

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