TIGERRS Statement of Solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives

TIGERRS believes in total liberation of all people, all bodies and all genders. That liberation is impossible when Black lives can be snuffed out by police without consequence. We envision a future for the Twin Cities with community first response initiatives that hold restorative justice and equity as their top priorities, without prisons, with a government of and for the people, with the money currently funding the police and prisons moved to social safety programs.

Pride month has begun. We cannot forget that Stonewall was a riot. “Revolutionary” is an integral part of the TIGERRS name, included to honor that legacy and remind us of our responsibility to keep pushing forward and never accept unequitable half measures. We believe that a single human life is worth more than every building in Minnesota.

The LGBTQ rights movement was born out of Black and Latinx people standing up to police violence. The history of intersexism is inextricably intertwined with racial biology and European medicine’s obsession with proving Black bodies were lesser than White ones. When we say intersectionality is one of our core values, we mean that our struggles are unique but linked, and none of us are free until all of us are free.

We feel we must make an unusual statement: our programming is funded for the time being, and we believe there are other groups that need your money more than we do right now. We ask that you donate to groups who are supporting the protests across the Twin Cities and/or pursuing Black liberation in other ways. Reclaim the Block has compiled a list, available here:


We join the Black Visions Collective’s call to #DefundMPD. We join the call to go farther; to demilitarize and disband the police. We join the call to convict all four officers directly involved in George Floyd’s murder. We join in the condemnation of the brutal and horrific treatment protestors have received. We join the call to get the police and the National Guard off our streets. We grieve for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor and the countless others whose lives have been needlessly ended by police violence.

Until the protests are over, we will be using our social media platforms to share and boost local actions, resources for our communities, antiracist learning activities, Black-led organizations and some wholesome, uplifting (and perhaps a little revolutionary) memes.

Black lives matter. Black trans lives matter. Black intersex lives matter. 

In solidarity,