Welcome to TIGERRS!

Our Mission

TIGERRS is dedicated to delivering quality, robust and consistent direct services to the transgender, intersex and gender-expansive communities in Minnesota. By fostering an effective and accountable intergenerational community, we work to create safe spaces and resources for all TIGERRS to connect, empower, process and grow together on our journeys of liberation.

Who We Are

We’re a local group of dedicated, capable, and accomplished trans and intersex activists with 50+ years of combined organizing experience and a wide, complex range of genders, sexualities, abilities, and racial identities.

We are fiscally sponsored by Family Tree Clinic!

What We’re Up To

  • Facilitating our two youth programs, Little TIGERRS and Teen TIGERRS.
  • Planning intergenerational, inclusive, and accessible community events.
  • Developing intersex care training for healthcare professionals.
  • Working to develop programming and/or other services for the intersex community.
  • Building a solid, sustainable organization so we can expand our services in response to future community needs.

How You Can Help

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Trans Community Resources in MN

This comprehensive list of trans-friendly community resources in Minnesota was compiled by trans people through personal outreach and suggestions by other trans people who live in Minnesota.