The work of Transgender, Intersex, Gender Expansive Revolutionary Resources & Services is guided by a group of ten core principles: intersectionality, focus, integrity, intergenerationality, self-worth, education, community, solidarity, empowerment and accountability. We believe that centering these principles and applying them to our work makes us better activists, better people and better-equipped to serve our communities.

TIGERRS is a flat, consensus-based organization. Our committees direct and carry out specific aspects of our work, while the Core Crew oversees strategy and ensures focus on our mission.

To us, Intersectionality is

  • Understanding and valuing the dynamics of systemic oppression and personal identity
  • Honoring the experiences of individuals within systems
  • Recognizing and addressing the unique oppression(s) individuals face as a result of their identities

To us, Focus is

  • Delivering the most effective services we can to the people and groups with the highest need within our communities
  • Managing our scope to avoid burnout and ensure the longevity and sustainability of our organization in the face of overwhelming need
  • Acknowledging we are affected by oppressions we try to undo

To us, Integrity is

  • Validating and living our individual truths
  • Validating and honoring others’ truths
  • Supporting ourselves and others in journeys of liberation

To us, Intergenerationality is

  • Working towards the liberation of people across generations
  • Intentionally including the voices of youth and elders, who are often ignored in movements like ours
  • Remembering and honoring the work of those who came before us

To us, Self-worth is

  • Honoring personal experiences
  • Caring for the whole self
  • Knowing that the intrinsic value of individuals is unrelated to how much profit they can generate under capitalism

To us, Education is

  • Acknowledging that regardless of where we are in our lives, we all have knowledge to contribute
  • Providing guidance to others in their own journeys of growth
  • Being teachers and students simultaneously in our work

To us, Community is

  • Knowing that we are not alone in our struggles, growth, oppression, joy or liberation
  • Bringing people together and acknowledging both our similarities and our differences
  • Understanding that being in space with people who share marginalized identities helps normalize our lived experiences and offers opportunities for healing and relief

To us, Solidarity is

  • Acknowledging that while community is important, we need to organize and take action on the basis of shared goals just as much as shared identities
  • Acting from a place of parity and refusing to hold a “charity” or “philanthropy” mindset—we are the people we serve
  • Amplifying and working with groups who focus on other oppressions

To us, Empowerment is

  • Encouraging independence from marginalizing forces
  • Helping trans, intersex and gender-expansive people develop self-confidence and the skills to advocate for themselves and others
  • Carefully managing power imbalances within our organization and not replicating abusive, oppressive hierarchies

To us, Accountability is

  • Pursuing consequences for harmful behavior but always allowing for growth
  • Seeking informed consent from all participants and making decisions collectively
  • Being transparent with decisions, challenges and celebration