The work of Transgender, Intersex, Gender Expansive Revolutionary Resources & Services is guided by a group of core principles: intersectionality, integrity, intergenerationality, self-worth, education, community, empowerment and accountability. These principles are derived from the work of Gender Revolution 8, a trans youth leadership group that sadly no longer exists. We believe that centering these principles and applying them to our work not only makes us better activists, but better people.

To us, Intersectionality is

  • Understanding and valuing the dynamics of systemic oppression and personal identity
  • Honoring the experiences of individuals within systems
  • Accepting and easing the unique oppression(s) individuals face as a result of their identities

To us, Integrity is

  • Validating and living our individual truths
  • Validating and honoring others’ truths
  • Supporting ourselves and others in journeys of liberation

To us, Intergenerationality is

  • Working towards the liberation of people across generations
  • Intentionally including the voices of those often ignored in movements (youth and elders)
  • Remembering and honoring the work of those who came before us

To us, Self-worth is

  • Honoring personal experiences
  • Caring for the whole self
  • Understanding that the value of individuals is not related to how much profit they can contribute under capitalism

To us, Education is

  • Acknowledging that we are all learning and at different points in our lives
  • Understanding that we can learn from each other
  • Providing guidance to others in their own journeys of growth
  • Being teachers and students simultaneously in our work

To us, Community is

  • Acknowledging that we are not alone in our struggles, growth, oppression, joy or liberation
  • Bringing people together and acknowledging both our similarities and our differences

To us, Empowerment is

  • Encouraging independence from marginalizing forces
  • Fostering activistic growth for all people in ways that suit each individual person best

To us, Accountability is

  • Allowing for growth
  • Having consent in all things
  • Being transparent with decisions, challenges and celebration
  • Holding ourselves accountable
  • Holding our community accountable
  • Holding the system we operate within accountable